Autoorganisation 2006 (13.-17.4.2006) in Berlin

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News </ big> </ b>

Workshop Results and discussion

Car Organization meeting in Göttingen of 29 July to 5 August < br> Topics of auto organizational meeting shall be:

  • Community foundation,
  • Self-organization,
  • Self-care &
  • Picnic Baskets
  • Freedom

Dormitory for 100 people, great facility, while a few tents and space available.
The workshops can offer it in different rooms in Göttingen!'< br>


  • Analysis Discussion / auto receive this annual organic: 11.5, baize, 19.30.

Repression in

  • If you added in the organization you had car trouble with the state power and now have to fear reprisals (fines, procedures etc) get in touch at info ät so we (no details via email!)

Organizations press for car

  • 4/10/06,, one TAZ, relatively neutral
  • 4/15/06,, one TAZ, something evil ... :)
  • 04/18/06 TAZ, to fill the day care center in F'hain
  • Tip of the week from the jungle world:
    • Thursday, 13 April, Berlin. »Car organization in 2006" is not the annual meeting of the ADAC, hide behind action days (from 13 to 17 April) by hippies, Spontis, guerrilla gardeners, vain-economists and other freaks. Self-determination is discussed on the alternative self-realization and the burning question of what actually fails the whole self-organization. Opening Plenary Session in Schnarup-Thumby, Scharnweberstr. 38, by 19 clock.
    • Found at:
  • 19/04/06 "It is impossible to avoid that as you get older" interview in the Jungle World to Workshop "Over 30 and still left radical "

20:04:06 * Video for occupation on indymedia ( shtml)

=== Car === 2007 Orga

  • There is a new preparation distributors
  • If you have pleasure to host the NeXT organic car, uses distributors
  • To subscribe via: email to <b> auto-subscribe organic ät yahoogroups dot com </ b>
  • Respond to the confirmation e-mail. finished.
  • Unsubscribe: subscribe unsubscribe by proposal software </ span>

Introduction Car Orga 2006 read <= date Best

Touch with the people of the organization this year's Congress

  • Info etching
  • This wiki


  • The carpool is now offline


  • An overview of the running of workshops organized car 06 can be found at Workshops.
  • Results / conclusion of the event (please workshop results, consultations, project ideas, whatever enter here (plus ContactEmail))

Central Information Point and Free Internet

  • During the entire auto-orgasmic day there was a central info point where it sleeps a great overview and workshops were planned.
  • Ne survey is about free internet also available at Vok% C3% BCs_und_Info Point


  • Once a day umn, clock about 19, it was ne Vokü of the organic car. This was on the Schnarup-Thumby.
  • Schnibbelhilfen will of course need more. if you have time and pleasure, come just before the announced deadlines to Schnarup.
  • Is an outline on Vokü-stations under public kitchens and Info Point

Locations, Map, Participating Projects

Materials: Design, Usage, texts, announcements, ...


  • All current organic processes can see her here, because we think that for a smooth running of the car is well organized, when (semi) everything is visible. and also facilitates the entry into the preparation. everything is editable for each / n.
  • Organization / Internet contact pages

In the auto-organization pages integrated project

[Anders [life]] -

  • Interactive Wiki, in which ideas are collected and developed (can) on "other life", ie for possibilities of a life away from the "40-hour week" to the more time for your own life / have their own projects. Topics: municipalities, cooperatives, self-organization, in vain economies, alternatives to wage work, and needs-oriented questions. It should be about practical, workable options.

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