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The "Detmold Collective" is not a "pure" meeting of this specific nomad-network, it is more an open, self-oranising congress, where further leading networking between projects, communities, networks and ideas are to be worked out, to build "bridges" between theese and to support communication. Here is presented, how shared aims and topics can work together, when they are brought together. A good example is the network that is build between the hosting-networks and other projects that bother nomadism, and eduacationalprojects and -networks.

What shall be created is a free university for this range of time for many, many ideas, projects, knowledge and resources can be traded and worked out. The building of a technical solution, the programming and usage of certain software and tools is another important topic and can be used as a knowledge-platform for programmers, designers and people with research- and networkskills.

It would be interesting and important for "Homes for Nomads" to be introduced there to find more nomads and/or intrested people for this project. Another aspect could be to see which other projects, ideas, platforms could work together with "Homes for Nomads". For further information and contacts see the following link:

Detmold Collective, July 2007