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  • mail: Traumschule, Dorfstr.78a, 29416 Riebau
  • phone: 039037-958993 (let it ring for some time, the ground is huge and if we're listening to music even the loud outside-bell won't help)
  • e-mail: traumschule (at)

How to get there

  • Train
    • next station: Pretzier/Altmark(still 3 km (about 2 miles) to Riebau, when you are at the station, leave Pretzier behind and walk strait across the country. If you give a call first, someone could get there with bikes.)
  • Hitch-Hiking
    • Will take some time, there is no "Autobahn" around.

Old description of the project

What we need, what we've got

Description of the project


  • 16.-18.3.07: Fundraisingseminar. Informations can be found here, applications can be filed at the Traumschule
  • 6.8.-14.8. and 29.9.-13.10.:Arrghtionsmobilbuild:We wanne build an old 9,5 long wagon to make some Action with it(First we wanna smash some scools)
  • 8.-16.9,07: WASTUN! (WHATTODO!) Anti-Nuclear tinker-camp. Like every year the castor-transports are rolling through the Wendland, which starts right next to the Traumschule. This week we can plan, practice and prepare everything that could happen at the next transport. The camp will also take place when the transport of 2007 doesn't.